Perhaps your drains would do a little better if you knew the plumber’s secrets to cleaning drains.

Here are a few tips from a plumber in Port Macquarie who works for us here at All Ways Drains.

These short tips will hopefully help lower your number of calls to plumbers for things like drain maintenance and blockages. 

Start as Simple as Possible 

Pouring boiling water down your drain will often free up whatever is causing the problem.

It melts away fatty substances, and it gets vegetable and plant matter moving along.

Never start with opening up the drains and scooping things out because it just won’t work. 

Check the Health of the Drains to Stop Recurrences

There are times when blockages are not actually the problem.

There are times when drains fall into disrepair. They are no longer smooth, they have broken parts, jagged parts and rough parts.

These parts catch the detritus as it moves past, which causes blockages over and over again no matter how much chemical agent you use. 

Pump the Blockage Out

Pushing the blockage out is still the best way to clear your drains.

Using a plunger is effective, albeit a little old fashioned. These days there are pumps that push air at high pressures through your drains.

In fact, if you fill the sink and drain with water, then you can use the air to push the water through, which then cleans your drains a little more powerfully.

In many cases, the problem is over as soon as the blockage is removed.

There are very few occasions where something more drastic is needed unless somebody has been pouring melted plastic, resin, or glue down the drains. 

Use Liquid Drain Unblockers as a Last Resort

You may think that chemical drain unblockers are a good idea, especially considering how popular they are in stores.

If you have a drain full of very old fat that has crusted onto your pipes, then a chemical agent may smooth out the crust, but that is the best you can hope for. 

Conclusion - Is There a Bigger Problem? 

We all throw a bit of something nasty down the drain now and again.

It shouldn't be causing blockages. Take the advice given in this article by a plumber Port in Macquarie, and your drains should be fine.

If they are not, then there may be a bigger problem. In which case, you will need to get in touch with us at All Ways Drains for a quote. 

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