About All Ways Drains by Smiling Steve Roberts


There are many plumbers you can choose from – so we strive to provide services that can’t be beat in Bonny Hills.

You’ll not only find that our plumbers are polite, friendly, and 'smiling' upon entry into your home, but also that we offer top of the line performance and superior products and materials.

We not only take care of basic plumbing problems such as dripping faucets, clogged pipes, and running toilets but we are also equipped to handle more serious issues such as full or leaking septic systems, severe clogs, and leaking pipes behind walls.

You’ll find that we have the latest technology, as well as powerful tools and equipment that can get the job done as quickly and effectively as possible.
Water Filters Australia — Smiling Steve Plumbing in Bonny Hills, NSW

Why call the plumbers at All Ways Drains by Smiling Steve Roberts?


We care about every customer, no matter what your project demands. We will treat every customer with respect and courtesy, and you will receive nothing but professional service and friendly interaction with our experts. We have more than 35 years of experience servicing local clients. You don’t get to that point without offering top notch results! We hope you will give us the opportunity to prove we are the best of the best in the Port Macquarie region.
Ready to get started? Give us a call and we will gladly discuss your upcoming project. Or, if you have any questions in regards to our products and services, we are happy to answer your queries and talk things out until you are confident our plumbers are the right people for the job. We also offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services, so if you’re having a late night problem that can’t wait until business hours, give us a call and we’ll send someone out right away.